Mile High Stampede: Coming Your Way!

Announcement Concerning Mile High Stampede Fan Radio
Mile High Stampede is an online radio program of, by and for fans of the Denver Broncos.
I, the director and host, am a college student at the University of Colorado at Boulder and am entering my final semester. Therefore, as you can imagine, I am extremely busy with classes and multiple jobs. The Broncos are my most valuable extracurricular pursuit and I will try to invest as much time as possible in this program.
The program will run for half an hour every two weeks during the summer and approximately monthly during the regular season.
I hope to have noted Broncos fans in the community as guests and, if possible, as guest co-hosts. However, I first envisioned this show as of, by and for the fans, so much of it will be YOUR thoughts, opinions and contributions. I will have a call-in line, and you will be able to make comments and ask questions through tweeting @mhsradio or emailing
PLEASE vote for and listen to this station as it staying up absolutely depends on your support. It will literally get taken down without votes and listeners.
For now, the show will run Tuesdays from 5 to 5:30. You will be able to access it through our Caster.FM page at
The next airing will be Tuesday July 9 at 5. I hope to have you listening.
Please follow my Twitter page for updates. If something changes, I will let you know.
Please contact me with any questions. I can be reached at
Thank you for your help and support and go Broncos!

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